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Are you confused about when to start your own business?

Startups are growing now, and it is the right time. But you have to keep your job to support your family. How will you survive without a salary?

Keep those questions aside. We will discuss them some other time.

Today, let us look at the good reasons on why you should start now.

Be your own boss

How many of you like your boss?

Someone said, “People don’t leave companies, they leave their bosses.” If that is true, then the first good reason to start up is to become your own boss.

You don’t have to work under someone.

You don’t have to compromise on your innovative idea which you could not implement because your boss did not like it.

Be a part of your own dream.

If you don’t work for your dreams, then someone else will make you work for theirs -- Tony Gaskins

Create value for society

Are you someone who dreams to change the world one day? Do you want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

You cannot do this while still in a job you do not like.

If you want to create something valuable for society, then start your own thing.

Take the opportunity to transform the lives of millions of people.

Look what Flipkart did with e-commerce in India, and Paytm with online payments.

If you don’t work for your dreams, then someone else will make you work for theirs -- Tony Gaskins

Explore yourself

Entrepreneurship is a journey of self-exploration. You may find your real self after working on something you love.

Discover your passions; find one thing that you can work at without looking at the clock.

Find something you are willing to work on even if you are not paid for that.

You will feel relief. You may find God in that work. It is nirvana for entrepreneurs.

Do things you are not qualified for

No one will give you a chance to go into marketing if you are a developer in your company.

No one will let you talk sales if you are running operations.

You will not be able to contribute to product design if you are doing marketing.

Starting up will give you the opportunity to do all sorts of odd things in which you do not hold any degree.

Be a job creator

You will touch human lives in many ways. You will create jobs for your country.

Just imagine if 1000 companies start in a year and employ 5 people on an average, the total number of jobs created is 5000.

Assume 90% companies fail in the first year and only 100 survive. These 100 companies will grow and employ 50 people – total jobs are again 5000.

Then why remain a job seeker? Become a job provider!

Become more productive

Your productivity will improve because it is your company, and you have a personal stake in it.

When I was doing my corporate job I was working for about 9 hours a day, but only 2-3 hours productively. Even now I work for 9 hours but with a productive period of 6-7 hours.

You are where you are and what you are because of yourself, nothing else. Nature is neutral.

Nature doesn’t care. If you do what other successful people do, you will enjoy the same results and rewards that they do. And if you don’t, you won’t -- Brian Tracy, Focal Point In short, you will learn to be more productive in your work.


You will find very good mentors while working on your startup, the way I found Sameer Guglani of Morpheus Gang. He helped me discover my startup path. This would not have been possible had I stayed at my job and not failed at my first company.

You will have the opportunity to be a mentor as well. You will share your success and failure experiences with others as you grow, and thus ensure their growth too. You will feel good when someone comes to you for help – it is another way to help human kind

Networking with successful people

You will meet new people every day. You will work with amazing people in your industry. You will meet successful entrepreneurs at networking events. You will build relationships with some of the most interesting people on this planet.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with -- Jim Rohn

Financial independence

If you are very lucky then your startup will take off. You will make a helluva lot of money which you could have never imagined in your job.

You will be free to pursue your dreams, whether it is travel, owning a big home, or a sports car and bikes. You won’t have to wait for salary credit message on the 1st of every month.

Heads you win, tails you won’t lose much

Once you start a company which becomes successful, you will get everything you wanted in life.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of companies fail, but you will learn so much in your startup career that any other startup will gladly accept you as part of their journey. Your startup learnings may not be useful for a corporate job, but it will be an asset for another startup.