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Once you share basic details about your clients, we can quickly revert back with in-principle feasibility of the proposal

Profit Sharing With You

We believe in sharing so whatever fees is earned will be shared equally with you

Dedicated Support

Once you are chosen asour channel partner, we will suppport you & your clients to give them the best solutions.

Access to 40+ Lenders

By Joining LoanXpress, you automatically will get access to India's Top 40 Lenders including Banks, Finance Companies (NBFC), Private & Public Sector.


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Why LoanXpress

Loanxpress gives you direct access to 40+ Lenders at one go and our team guides your clients to reach the right lender for the best product suited for the borrower.

Loan amount 50 lakhs to 50 Crores

We cater to small and mid-sized companies.

Get access to Quick and Easy Loans

All charges are communicated up front in writing along with the loan quotation uisque euismdolor at tincidunt.


We cater to multiple debt products ranging from simpleloans, working capital, bank gurantee, CC, DD, to leasing, Factoring solutions for your Corporate Clients.

Nationwide Presence

We help you access local clients by sending you local leads that you can follow up with for new business

Frequently Ask Questions

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, you can see the details here:-

Loanxpress has a nationwide tie-up wwith 40+ Baks & Finance Companies. We help you to provide our team's knowledge and expertise to help your corporate borrowers to choose the best product for them. Besides, we also help you to access 40+ lenders at one shot through the platform.

LX has their Head Office in Mumbai with offices in 16 Locations.

LoanXpress is here for long term. Once you provide all the data from a customer along with their mandate, we will ensure that no one else claims credit for the customers. Besides our team sends you timely alerts on various activities happening with the clients registered through years.

If you have good corporate connections in your area, you can make very good amount of money depending on the size of Loans taken by your customers

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